Fender Twin Amp


“Amplificatore per chitarra. da 100watta e cono da 12″”.Offre un sound di livello riconosciuto in tutto il mondo e una versatilità senza confronti.. .Usato negozio,praticamente nuovo”


DIMENSIONS: Height: 20-3/4” (52.7 cm) Width: 26-3/8” (67 cm) Depth: 11-1/2” (29.2 cm) Weight: 77 lbs. (35 kg).POWER REQUIREMENT:  230 volts AC, 50 Hz, 360 watts..FUSE TYPE:  T2A, 250V..INPUT IMPEDANCE: Input 1: 1M ohm. Input 2: 136k ohm..EFFECTS LOOP: Pre reverb. Nominal level: +2, -5.5, -13 dBV. Output impedance: 4.2k ohm maximum. Input impedance: 130k ohm minimum..EFFECTS MIX CONTROL: Continuously variable between the signal at the EFFECTS SEND and EFFECTS RETURN jacks..REVERB: Post effects loop..PRE-AMP OUT: Post reverb, +1.3 dBV nominal level. Recommended load: 22k ohm minimum..POWER AMP IN: +1.3 dBV sensitivity, 130k ohm input impedance.BALANCE LINE OUTPUT: Derived from the output transformer, fully balanced. +3 dBV nominal level into 600 ohms or greater. Pin 1 floating, pin 2 (+), pin 3 (-)..AMPLIFIER LOAD IMPEDANCE: Switch selectable for 4, 8, or 16 ohms..POWER OUTPUT: OUTPUT HIGH setting: 100 watts RMS, 5% THD. into 4, 8 or 16 ohms. OUTPUT LOW setting: 25 watts RMS, 5% THD..SPEAKER COMPLEMENT: Two Fender P/N 026488 Special Design 12” 8 ohm speakers wired in series.